Exterior House Painting

We understand that the best exterior paint job not only adds interest and curb appeal but it also increases the value of your home.

Exterior House Painting
Exterior House Painting

Process of your house exterior painting

Exterior painting for previously paint surfaces should always start with cleaning the surface, then removing lose peeling paints or stain, applying the correct primer, then apply specific finish products that are recommended for the surface that is being painted.
High Pressure washing, low pressure washing, or hand washing are typically used to clean the surface.

The preparation phase of the exterior painting is the most important stage. Scraping or sanding is the most common practice when preparing a house for paint.

Scraping will remove the larger loose or raised areas and is completed before sanding. The sanding of any surface can be completed by hand sanding, or power sanding.

Hand sanding is most commonly done when the peeling paint or stain is minimal, or the surface area is small with many angles or different levels.
Areas such as gutters, fluted columns, columns, dental moldings, crown moldings, louvered vents are a few of the items that are commonly hand sanded.