House Washing

Professional painters use a pressure washer to clean and prepare the surface for painting.

Power washing is used to clean your house exterior (house washing), deck, outdoor furniture as well as for commercial uses such as concrete cleaning and removing contaminants like mold or mildew that have adhered to the surface of a building.

Power washing is a term that can be interpreted in different ways, such as pressure washing, low pressure washing, high pressure washing, and hot water pressure washing.

Pressure washing has a negative connotation with most owners as it is considered to be an action that can damage your home and cause water damage to the inside.
Pressure washers are relatively inexpensive to purchase and homeowners that are “do it yourselfers” experiment with their new tool and often damage wood surfaces by holding the gun to close to the surface or inject water inside the home by getting too close to door and window edges.

Professional painters will also use a pressure washer to clean or even prepare the surface for painting.

Low Pressure Washing

High Pressure Washing